The Video App Everyone Needs Is Finally Here.
Create EVERY Video Type You Will Ever Need, Right In The Cloud, With Klippyo.

Complete with direct video integrations for youtube, shutterstock, giphy, viddyoze and more!

Hurry, the launch closes and bonuses expire soon



Closing Bonus #1


To help you get your video campaigns up and running as quickly as possible, we have put together a huge bundle of 25 HD video clips that you can sue in your Create videos.

These are perfect for background effect loops, ambient video, special effects and more.


Closing Bonus #2


Video clips are only one part of what you can do to enhance your Klippyo campaigns. We've also created a kit of 20 custom HD background images, perfect for creating any type of custom scene in Klippyo, then using the other elements to generate the video effect you want.


Closing Bonus #3


Full suite of marketing assets to immediately sell videos to new clients.


Info on Klippyo is next below, then scroll on to see our original bonuses.


Klippyo isn’t just a video maker.
It’s EVERY video maker.

The Viddyoze team set out to make the kind of video creator the YouTube gods would kill for. They figured no-one knows video better than Derral Eves, so we asked what he wanted. And then we built it.


And that means whatever kind of video you need, you can create it in Klippyo. Classic, square, vertical, meme, caption, compilation and more – they’ve got you covered.


And with the ENORMOUS library of footage and templates available directly within the app, you can make pro-quality videos without even owning a camera.


Classic Video

Classic video isn’t dead, and you’re still going to want it a LOT. That’s why with Klippyo, making a ‘classic’ video is the easiest it’s ever been.

Square Video

Square videos give you 78% more screen real-estate, and that means you’re grabbing attention from the very first second. This is a video revolution, and you can get in on it with a couple of clicks.

Meme Videos

Turn any video into a meme with one click. Combine the attention-grabbing power of the regular static meme, with the engaging power of video to produce stunning results from mobile newsfeeds on any platform.

Captioned Videos

Did you know 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off? That’s how important captioning is. You can upload captions easily into Klippyo’s editor, or use the in-app captioning service for just $XX/XXX.

Compilation Videos

Create videos in a flash using Klippyo’s huge collection of stock imagery, or pull in videos direct from YouTube, add a bit of Klippyo magic and combine them into your own creation.

Vertical Videos

Are your videos being watched on mobile? With 63% of web traffic on mobile, you better believe they are. With Vertical video, your videos can be tailored for gorgeous mobile viewing.

Video Intros and Outros

Make your videos enter with a BANG. Choose from a selection of customizable intros and outros to grab attention, create easy branding, and inspire action with clear, direct calls to action.


And if you’ve got a Viddyoze account, you can connect it directly to Klippyo and have their huge animation collection available at your fingertips.

Incredible Filters

* To be released in first update.

You don’t have to be on Instagram to make your videos look like a million dollars. All you need is the right filter, and Klippyo has a video filter for every occasion.

A Professional Editor That Does It All,
And Then Does Some More...


Custom aspect ratios

Shoot, edit and publish in any aspect ratio that suits your content, platform, or device. Set any custom ratio you want to make sure your videos outclass your competition in format as well as style without the need for extra software.


Direct Social Media Integration

Share straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube without having to go through multiple steps or change apps.


Quote Integration

Everybody loves a good quote. Klippyo’s direct integration with a popular quotation site makes it fast and easy to create a quote video and publish it right away.


Emojis and Stickers

Emojis and stickers are a great way to encourage likes, shares, and many other reactions that bring more people into your sphere of influence. And now it’s possible to add them directly to your videos.


Premium Audio Experience

Choose from 1000 fully licensed audio tracks to deliver a premier audio experience with every video you publish.


100% Cloud Based

Windows? Mac? Tablet? Smartphone? Doesn’t matter. Use Klippyo on any device, in any place with an internet connection


Phenomenal Customer Support

24/7 support because you are the most essential part of our app. Without you, we don’t exist – and we know it


Import video direct from your mobile phone

Shoot your video and send it to the Klippyo editor in one super-smooth process


Instant Import From YouTube

Just give Klippyo the URL of any YouTube video and it’ll import it directly into the Klippyo editor. Video, audio, the whole shebang.



300,000 Stock Video Clips Available To Download

No extra subscriptions needed. Klippyo gives you access to an enormous stock footage library, and you can download 80 assets and use them in your videos, as many times as you like.


(And yes, they all come with full commercial rights, so your clients can have stunning video too)


10 Ready Made Projects Let You Create Full Videos In Minutes

These are full-length video sequences that give you complete creative control.


Any time you want a killer video out the door fast, just pick a sequence and switch it up with any client or brand specific logos and text, and you’re good to go.


Plus, You Get My Exlusive Custom Bonuses
You Can't Get These Anywhere Else



Creating amazing videos is a lot more than just using great footage and the right clips and also need to add the graphics, styles and designs into your video that will make it stand out.

That's why we have added our Klippyo GFX Bundle.

This bundle is a collection of video-specific graphics that you can drop into any Klippyo video and use to add overlays, calls to action, bottom thirds, arrows, attention boosting effects, emojis and loads more.



Klippyo Presenter is our "by the numbers" system and software that will let you find potential clients, make videos for them and then present that video in such a way that they will find it very difficult to say no to.


Even a single solitary client using this method and app will more than cover the cost of Klippyo, so it is worth getting to lock this in.


You will be able to locate any client who needs the service you can offer with Klippyo and constract a complete presentation system for them in a few minutes using our Presenter app, then use our training to deliver this in a "hands free" way that will let them sign up. This is the essnential Klippyo bonus you need to get started generated sales with it.




So you've got've got all these what?

Klippyo Academy is the answer!

In this exclusive training we will show how to connect all the ots and use these tools to actually land clients. just 1 single client will more than cover the cost of Klippyo.

Our Client Connection Method video will reveal ways you can have clients fighting to become your customer, how you can not spend a penny to recruit them and how you can do it all without having to leave the house (unless you want to!)




Klippyo gives you very powerful software and all the assets you need to get started, but you still need all the added marketing material to go with it, and that is why we made Klippyo Agency Kit. Agency Kit is a complete package of marketing materials that includes:

- Full "done for you" Video Agency website template - brand new, buily by my team

- Business Card template

- Sales Presentation slidedeck template
- 6 custom Video Agency logo templates

- Branded Stationery kit & editable source files


Fully loaded and editable custom website


Full media branding kit: stationery


Business Card


Powerpoint Presentation



Video is more than just a visual also need great music to provide the soundtrack for your message

For this bonus we give you full access to our cloud audio platform, AudioKlip.

With 1000's of audio tracks to choose from that you can import into Klippyo, this covers all your audio needs for any video project, and without having to pay any expensive licensing fees.



OverKlip is our powerful cloud platform that will let you add overlays and exit popups to any site.


We have optimized this app and added custom code so it will now let you embed your Klippyo videos on any site.....even sites you do not own.

This is a huge feature because you can now use Klippyo videos to promote external offers, and also as an integral part of our Klippyo Academy training - making client videos and using SmartEmbed technology to show them their website....with the video you made! (this is a huge deal closer)

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